Peca Theme is an awesome theme for the best file-based CMS ever, Kirby CMS. This theme was equipped with great features and smart functions. It was optimized for mobile phones, search-engines, social-networking sites, and users of course for best experience.

Why is theme free?

Hahaha! Good question guys, well there are bundles of reasons why this theme is free:

  • I want everybody to use this theme.
  • I'm still young for online businesses.
  • I don't have the requirements like the cards, I don't know what kind of cards but I know It's a card, maybe it's a playing card, just kidding.
  • I'm contented of what I got.
  • I wanted to be famous.
  • To meet new friends.

Found a bug or want to recommend something?

Send me an email and I'll try fix it for you (IF I CAN), or you can fix it for me by attaching a patch and tell me why should I apply it. I can't fix everything, because I am still new to kirby and I still have limited PHP knowledge. Please note that I only accept Paca Theme's bug (FOR BUGS RELATED TO KIRBY ITSELF, NOT THE THEME, REPORT IT TO BASTIAN ALLGEIER).